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Lumiq Solution Framework has been designed and built from our cumulative experience of more than 60 years of working with enterprises. We have incorporated all our learnings into our solution framework which provides an easy handle to execute, deploy and maintain data science and big data projects. Inbuilt into this framework are modules that are custom built for specific verticals and specific business functions which reduce time taken to deploy and achieve outcomes.

The Lumiq Solution Framework enables data management from engineering through science to insights and business outcomes. Our mission is to positively impact our customers businesses while creating value for the end consumer

Key features of the Lumiq Solution Framework


Providing industry-driven, customized solutions for you and your consumers


Expanding and shrinking as per your needs and conducive to cost savings.


Following the Lego block approach and precipitating small wins which build up to bigger ones.

Future Proof

A plug and play system providing support for the latest algorithms with Tensorflow, Pytorch, Python-scikit learn

Data Engineering

Enterprise Data Lake (EDL)

Lumiq’s superior EDL is capable of handling diverse data. It can accommodate structured and unstructured data – opening up opportunities for “soft” data analysis. It can handle data from multiple sources – both external and internal. Data is stored in its raw format until it is called to action – ensuring fidelity.

This data lake is unique because it expands to accommodate the continuous inflow of new information that the Lumiq Journey makes available. What you have is a rapidly evolving data eco- system that lays the strong foundation you need for your big data analytics projects.

Advantages of the Lumiq EDL

Lumiq’s data engineers identify, assemble, and capture your data to build a cloud-friendly, enterprise data lake. They prepare the robust and resilient infrastructure that is a prerequisite for effective data science. The system works as a catalyst for your data science projects.

Data sources are varied and will expand. Lumiq helps you to create and manage scalable big data pipelines. These pipelines can be implemented either at customer location or on the cloud.

Our Data Engineering capability includes

Data Science

This is where the magic happens. Drawing on your comprehensive data repository, our data scientists meticulously build statistical models and algorithms that operate on the data to deliver inferences and actionable insights.

Building AI/ML models to solve specific problems is our core competence. Our data science teams can implement and productionize academic research. They have developed various models that can be trained and deployed quickly. These models are field-proven and tested exhaustively in real life scenarios. The models are developed and deployed to serve on top of our robust EDL Platform.

Our focus is to build generic components like cognitive extraction and restructuring which can be used to build industry relevant tools.

As an example a component developed by Lumiq is currently being piloted by an account payables processing flow to read invoices. The model is parallely being evaluated by an SME lender to read ITR returns and other business documents.

Data Science

Data Industrialization

Once you have obtained the first level inferences and actionable insights, the new and improved data is automatically fed back into the data lake.

This improves the quality of your data repository and refines the algorithms. The result is more relevant data for your business decisions. Data analysis becomes a continually evolving process to meet business needs.

You will have multidimensional knowledge at your fingertips which you can use to lower costs, speed innovation, and bring new capabilities to the marketplace.

Data Industrialization