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emPower Platform

For deriving meaning from data and monetizing the correct insights

emPower is built for financial service providers who want to take a proactive approach for handling and optimizing their data. As an end result, not only does it accelerate the confluence of AI, BI and DI operations (Data Interchange or Data as a Service) in your organization but also helps to monetize data insights. When deployed, emPower helps to remove traditional data-driven innovation hurdles ranging from data silos and formats to sources and the availability of experienced skillsets. This leads to speedily driving business outcomes with real customer data and completely eliminating guesswork.

emPower enables

Unified Em 360

Real-time integrated view of entities across your enterprise and partner ecosystem with inbuilt governance and data management ecosystem

Extensible Data Models

Out-of-the box data models to use as is, adapt or extend for virtually any possible use case in Financial services companies your choice

E2E AI/ML Lifecycle Management

Enables data scientists to implement, productionalize, and govern custom models with ease

Security and Compliance

Compliant with financial services regulatory requirements, State of the art PII protection, fine-grained ACL and security-specific attribution for access control


Migrate, build, and deploy virtually any analytical or data application on the platform and run it seamlessly

emPower Solutions and Accelerators

Outcome-driven, reliable, explainable

emPower provides Cloud-native, AI solutions and accelerators which are Financial services companies focused to improve productivity and enhance customer experience in chosen areas of your business.

Why Lumiq

Our promise to you
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Relevant Data

We’re singularly focused on helping Financial services companies become analytically fluent, and help you discern which data to focus on and which to filter out so the right insights can be monetized

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Competitive edge

Our state-of-the-art platform and solutions enhance agility and customer experience, consequently helping to differentiate and to elevate your brand

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personalized innovation

Our team of 200+ professionals has deployed hundreds of customer journeys over thousands of hours. This gives us the depth and range of experience that allows us to support your company in the unique way it needs

Customer speak

The team demonstrated their deep understanding of the business, data and AI technology to deliver many successful projects in our Collections and Risk Control departments