A holistic approach

An end to end management of AI/ML transformation ranging from laying a data foundation to creating infrastructure to statistical modelling to applying and industrializing AI/ML

Domain Specific Consulting Approach

Understanding the “deep smarts” that drive an industry and knowing the right questions to ask

Cross Functional understanding

Working with diverse teams of data scientists, data engineers,
programmers and domain specialists and business owners

Deep tech expertise in AI/ML transformation

Ability to adapt statistical models and algorithms to unique client requirements.

Big Data Management Skills

Computational capabilities in fields such as Statistics,
Probability, Distributions, Mathematics, Algorithms, and Distributed computing.

who is lumiq?

Lumiq is a data strategy company that powers data driven decision making & intelligent automation. Our goal is to help customers leverage all data across different user groups and drive insights into action quickly and at a lower cost by adopting a step-by-step iterative approach of integrating AI/ML with data modeling.

We design and execute e2e AI Transformation initiatives. Our expertise is in building a data foundation, deploying data science models and enabling self-learning for models. Our deep technical expertise , pre-built functional components and our ability to comprehend business outcomes make us reliable partners for any AI transformation journey. Our unique workshop approach has helped multiple customers achieve successes in shortened time frames for their AI transformation projects.

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